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  • dignitas won Epicenter: Moscow
    Mon 24th Oct 2016 - 6:28pm 20

    dignitas won Epicenter: Moscow

    The biggest fans of Counter Strike: Global Offensive last weekend was concentrated on the capital of Russia, Moscow, because one of the biggest this autumn CS:GO events...

  • DreamHack Open 2017 circuit announced
    Thu 20th Oct 2016 - 9:00pm 9

    DreamHack Open 2017 circuit announced

    Electronic sports festival DreamHack annouced that they will be continuing with the DreamHack Open pro-am circuit in 2017 and the organizers revealed dates and locations...

  • karrigan joins FaZe Clan
    Wed 19th Oct 2016 - 8:17pm 23

    karrigan joins FaZe Clan

    Former in-game leader for Counter Strike: Global Offensive team Astralis Finn "karrigan" Andersen, who was benched by team's coach a week ago now is officialy joined an international team...

  • Astralis have benched karrigan
    Wed 12th Oct 2016 - 8:38pm 8

    Astralis have benched karrigan

    Dannish CS:GO team Astralis have annouced on their social media site Twitter, that their coach Danny "zonic" Sorensen has benched their in-game leader Finn "karrigan" Andersen...

  • Zeus joined Gambit Gaming
    Wed 12th Oct 2016 - 8:08pm 16

    Zeus joined Gambit Gaming

    Russian electronic sports organization Gambit Gaming annouced that they have added to their CS:GO roster a legendary Natus Vincere player Danilo "Zeus" Teslenko...