ESL One Cologne'16 was last Major this year

Thu 11th Aug 2016 - 7:42pm : Gaming

One of biggest Counter Strike: Global Offensive community webpage has learned, that ESL One Cologne 2016 was second and the last CS:GO Major with $1 000 000 in prize pool this year.

Brazilians SK Gaming were the only Major winners this year ( picture)


The next stop for Majors was always in the second side of autumn, but this time VALVE, the game developers and main supporters for Majors, decided to move this grand event to January of 2017.

Major League Gaming (MLG) already stated that they are ready to organize one more Major under their wings, but VALVE still didn't annouce where and which organisation will organize this massive event. MLG organized first Major of this 2016 year in Columbus, United States.




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