Open Qualifiers for EPICENTER: the biggest CSGO event in Eastern Europe

Fri 26th Aug 2016 - 4:21pm : Gaming

Epic Esports Events are proud to announce Open Qualifiers for EPICENTER: Moscow, the biggest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive event in Eastern Europe, with the total prize pool of $500 000. In October Moscow will host six invited teams that will be joined by the winners of European and CIS qualifiers, making this an eight team event.

This is where you and your team come on. This weekend join us for the Open Qualifiers for the spot at closed qualifiers among Europe's finest.

EU region registration - click here.
CIS region registration - click here.

Unfortunately due to legal reasons (we real sports now in Russia) we cannot disclose full details including dates and invited teams until we get approved by MINISTRY OF SPORTS or whatever bureaucratic entity it’s out there as of now. Full press-release will follow shortly, but these qualifiers cannot be held at a later date.





Simonas Budraitis

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