Na'Vi win ESL One New York

Tue 4th Oct 2016 - 7:51pm : Gaming

Last weekend Ukraine based Counter Strike: Global Offensive team Natus Vincere have won one of the biggest events in the USA - ESL One, which was held in Barclays Center, New York.

The tournament was played with only one group with 8 teams. This format is called "Swiss-system" and on the first two days every team played each other and all of them who lost 3 matches was kicked out from the tournament and on the other hand team who won 3 games advanced to a semi final.

Na'Vi win their first title with "s1mple" ( picture)

The first team which was kicked out was G2 eSports from France and then Astralis from Denmark have followed them. After that fnatic and OpTic Gaming had to leave the tournament too.

First semi final was between local team Liquid and Natus Vincere from Ukraine with Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev, who in the past was a member of Liquid team.

In this semi final and in all tournament overall "s1mple" showed that he is already one the best players in the world - in groupstage he alone demolished last two Major's winners SK Gaming with amazing 4k deagle in one of the last rounds. Na'Vi beat Liquid and got a spot in the grandfinal.

On the other semi final SK Gaming met polish team and after nail biting matchup the team from Poland manage to beat brazilians and got a spot in the final.

The final game started realy well for polish players - they easely beat Na'Vi on de_cobblestone 16-3 but didn't manage to close the game on other two maps which was won by "s1mple" team.

This is the first title for Natus Vincere after they added "s1mple" for Danilo "Zeus" Teslenko. By the way, Oleksandr was named MVP for ESL One New York.

All the teams for ESL One New York 2016:

 Natus Vincere - $125 000 - $50 000
 SK Gaming - $25 000
 Team Liquid -  $25 000
 fnatic - $8 500
 OpTic Gaming - $8 500
 Astralis - $5 000
 G2 eSports - $3 000



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