DreamHack Open 2017 circuit announced

Thu 20th Oct 2016 - 9:00pm : Gaming

Electronic sports festival DreamHack annouced that they will be continuing with the DreamHack Open pro-am circuit in 2017 and the organizers revealed dates and locations for 9 events that will take place over the course of the next year.

DreamHack is coming back to N. America in 2017 with 4 events

It will be the 6th year in a row for DreamHack festivals over the world. In 2017 eSports championships will be organized in 6 different coutries.

Each tournament will feature a similar structure to the ones we saw in 2016 and will feature a $100 000 prize pool per festival - adding to a total of $900 000 to be awarded over the course of the year.

DreamHack in every their festival will invite 6 CS:GO teams + will organize qualifier for 2 more slots in the tournament.

All DreamHack tournaments in 2017:

 DreamHack Leipzig (Germany, january 13-15th)
 DreamHack Austin (USA, april 28-30th)
 DreamHack Tours (France, may 6-8th)
 DreamHack Summer (Sweden, Jonkoping, june 17-19th)
 DreamHack Valencia (Spain, july 14-16th)
 DreamHack Atlanta (USA, july 21-23rd)
 DreamHack Montreal (Canada, september 8-10th)
 DreamHack Denver (USA, october 20-22nd)
 DreamHack Winter (Sweden, Jonkoping, november 30th - december 2nd)



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