dignitas won Epicenter: Moscow

Mon 24th Oct 2016 - 6:28pm : Gaming

The biggest fans of Counter Strike: Global Offensive last weekend was concentrated on the capital of Russia, Moscow, because one of the biggest this autumn CS:GO events, called Epicenter: Moscow.

6 teams were invited into this event with $500 000 in prize pool plus two qualified from Europe and CIS region qualifers.

dignitas celebrating the victory in Moscow ( picture)

The first team, who had qualified to this tournament HellRaisers didn't manage to pass a groupstage, but the other one in the name of dignitas suprised everyone - dannish team manage to take a one map per match from all their groups opponents and qualified to quarter finals. Other team who had to pack their bags after groupstage was NiP, who lost the decider map against Natus Vincere, the Ukraine based team because of that got a spot in the semi final.

Other semi finalist was polish, this team got a verry strong oppenent in their semi final match - a brazilian SK Gaming, a team who are last two CS:GO Majors winners. But at the end it was who celebrate the win and got a road to a grand final, where they expected to see Na'Vi, but everyone were surprised once again when dannish dignitas beat Oleksandr's "s1mple" Kostyliev's team 2-1 in first semi final. "S1mple" played like a "beast" the whole tournament, but that was not enough to pass dignitas challenge.

And even bigger surprise was their win in grand final - after lost first map, which was de_nuke, dignitas manage to find strengh and just wrecked polish team in last two maps (16-5 on both cobblestone and mirage).

It was the first dignitas's such big win after a long time of practicing and participating in a lot of tournaments - a team with 4 Dane's and 1 Norwegian won a check with $250 000.

All Epicenter: Moscow participants:

 dignitas - $250 000 - $100 000
 Natus Vincere - $40 000
 SK Gaming - $40 000
 fnatic - $15 000
 G2 - $15 000
 NiP - $15 000
 HellRaisers - $15 000



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